Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Will The Republican Sellout Of The Voters Who Put Them In Office Ever Stop??

I'm beginning to think the answer to the above question is a big fat NO !! 

The GOP is trying to ram this super secret unread legislation through Congress.  This secret unread Obamatrade legislation will:

  • Enable Obama to continue to take actions to harm and destroy our country;  Such as huge increases in legal immigration of more workers to take jobs away from the persons, citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants already here in the USA.  Thereby depressing wages and middle and lower class incomes even more; and
  • Keep the huge global corporate lobbyist dollars flowing into the pockets of GOP RINO leadership.  

The GOP RINO leadership doesn't give a two cents about mainstreet, middle class, and small businesses.  The sellout on immigration and Obamacare continues with this new super secret can't know what is in it legislation.  Now the sellout takes the form of the super secret got to pass it to know what is in it Obamatrade deals.

This stinks to high heaven.  Call your congressman NOW !!  Boehner and his cronies are going to try and ram this through congress on Friday !!!!!  Time is short.

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