Monday, September 7, 2015

Refugees or Occupiers Come To Europe

Millions of young males are invading the baltic and European countries.  In a real refugee crisis the refugees are made up of both sexes and all age groups.  They include the old, infirm and children.  However in this case the refugees are overwhelmingly young adult males.  These illegal migrants are really people seeking to get economic benefits from the mega welfare states of western Europe.  If they were true refugees just seeking safety they would stay in Turkey where they have much more in common with the native population.

 The leaders of Europe are even more brain dead and feckless than the leaders of the USA so they will never be willing to stop this occupation of their land.  It is quite likely that we are witnessing what is the completion of the transformation of Europe from a christian territory to an atheist territory to ultimately in say 10 years to a muslim territory.

 The world may become a worse place as a result.

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