Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jonah Goldberg and the Anti-Trump Bourgeoisie

In summation: the so-called smart people in the GOP are gobsmacked because a large portion of the Republican base is attracted to a legitimate outsider promising to:

  • protect the border
  • lower our taxes
  • simplify the tax code, and 
  • kill terrorists. 

He also isn’t afraid to take on the media, and he can’t stop winning.

This is from the best article I've seen on Trump's popularity and why a large portion of the GOP base absolutely despise Boehner, McConnell, McCain, and - zero percent support presidential candidate - Graham.

  1. Trump will build the border wall.
After saying he would build the border wall, for two long months our corrupt media, in a desperate bid to disqualify this policy, dropped Trump in The Barrel. He was called every “ist” in the book, boycotted by numerous business partners, and more times than I can count, called “road kill” by all The Smart People.
This media storm (aided by some weak-kneed Republicans) only served to boost Trump because unlike so many in the Republican Party, when confronted by a media attack, Trump not only refused to back down, he effectively fought back.
Those in favor of The Wall are neither racist nor nativist nor rubes. In fact they are smarter than many of the so-called GOP intellectuals hurling those insults because The Rubes “get it” — they understand that our open border is an existential threat to conservatism, and by extension America. It’s this simple: We either fix this problem or left-wing Democrats win a permanent majority and the Obama-era never ends.
Maybe the bourgeois GOP are too “smart” to grasp such a simple concept. Nevertheless, it is perfectly conservative to be a one issue voter on this one issue.

  1. Trump will kill terrorists.
Again, maybe the proles aren’t smart enough to grasp why bombing the oil fields funding ISIS is a bad idea. Regardless, Trump is persuasively aggressive on another existential threat to our way of life: Islamic terrorism.

Full article from John Nolte here.

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