Friday, September 18, 2015

High Priests Of Global Warming Science Urge Obama To Make "Thought Crime" Arrests And Prosecutions Of Non-Believers

Climate scientists issue "fatwa" against those who question their global warming religion and urge Obama to join them in a jihad against the non-believers.

20 "climate scientists" scientists from major universities want to prosecute the thought crime of opposing global warming religion.  They want to play the part of the Pope to the Gallileo's who dare criticize the false cult beliefs of their global warming religion.   Full story and a copy of their letter can be found here.

One of the first things a republican president should do is defund every university's science department that employs one of these idiot high priests of global warming.

Remember in Gallileo's day it was settled science that the sun revolved around the earth.  And Gallileo was prosecuted by the high priest of settled science - the Pope.  Now these morons who call themselves scientists want their turn to be the Pope of "settled science".   In other times it was scientific opinion that trains could not travel faster than 15 miles per hour or all the air would be sucked out of the cars and people would die.  It was settled science according to the New York Times that man would never be able to travel to the moon and back.  There have been many things that are "settled science", but no real scientist ever claims scientific theories (and that is all global warming is) can never be questioned.  Also, remember man made global warming science theory has NEVER accurately predicted ANYTHING.  Every time its predictions turn out to be wrong, they just amend the theory and claim now this time we have it correct.

Man made caused global warming is the largest financial fraud in the history of the universe.  Far exceeding cult fraud of Scientology.  If anyone should be prosecuted it is the fraudsters of global warming science stealing money from the productive peoples of the world.  Not those calling bullsh*t on their theft.

Sadly one of the signatories to this global warming "fatwa" is Robert Dickinson of the University of Texas.  The liberal nonsensical takeover of USA universities leaves not even the Great State Of Texas out of its realm.

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