Friday, August 5, 2016

Khizr Khan Says Hillary Is Allah's Candidate

Khizr Khan, the sharia law promoting Hillary supporter who spoke at DNC convention, went on Pakistan TV to declare that Allah wants Hillary to win the election.   Get that?  Hillary Clinton is Allah's choice.

So if you are inclined to shout Allahu Ahkbar from time to time then Hillary is your candidate.  If on the other hand you think a temporary halt to refugees from Syria and other terrorist countries is a common sense perfectly reasonable thing to do, then VOTE FOR TRUMP THE NOT ALLAH'S CHOICE.

The choice for America is clear.  if you want the USA to experience a 1000 fold increase in rapes and sexual assaults just like what is happening in Germany and Sweeden, if you want the USA to experience at least one terrorist attack per week like what is happening in France, and if you want Iran to give a nuclear bomb to ISIS so they can detonate it in one of our major cities, then vote for Hillary.  She's Allah's choice.

UPDATE:  Yesterday, 8/8/16, Hillary Clinton was speaking to an audience in Kissimmee, Florida, a city located near Orlando, Florida where the Pulse Nightclub Islamist Terror Attack took place killing 49 people.  Sitting prominently behind Hillary was the father of the terrorist who killed these 49 people, Siddique Mateen.

As Khizr Khan stated, Hillary is Allah's candidate.

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