Friday, April 1, 2016

Why And How The Never Trump GOPe And Cruzbots Have Made Me - ONLY TRUMP !!

I stopped giving money to the GOP 10 years ago when McCain, Graham, McConnell and Bush first started pushing legalization for illegals and failed to build a real wall and secure the border.  At that time I started telling the GOP any time they contacted me that they needed to stop worrying about getting my money and start worrying about whether they would get my vote.  Naturally, it had absolutely zero effect.

I held my nose and voted for the losers McCain and Romney even though I hated them as candidates and hated their positions on many things including illegal immigration and the border.

TRUMP is the GOP's last shot with me.  I hate that these morons like Graham and Romney and others and all their corrupt super pacs have been out to get Trump for many many months.  I also have been sickened by all the GOPe "conservatives" at National Review, Redstate, etc. with their never Trump stuff.  All this combined has made me ONLY TRUMP.  I will NEVER vote for Cruz or any other nominee that comes out of the GOP convention.

If Trump is NOT nominee or if Trump is nominee but doesn't win because of how the GOP has spent 300 million dollars attacking him and driving up his negatives and if either of those things comes to pass, then not only will the GOP never get money from me again the GOP will never get another vote from me again.

Instead I will do what Romney and the never Trump people have been running around saying people should do to Trump.  Only I will do it to the GOP.  I will vote strategically like Romney et al advocate.

Only my strategy will be to cast my votes to try and make sure that no republican in any race for any office ever wins again.  Until either I die or the GOP dies.

If that means voting straight democrat for the first time in my life (since 1971) that is what I will do.  And I hate the democrats at the national party level and think they are scum willing to destroy the country to maintain their power in Washington, DC.

But I hate McConnell, Graham, McCain, Ryan, Boehner, Cornyn, McCarthy, Lyin Ted Cruz and the democrat Kasich and all of the other GOP establishment sellouts to the globalists and mega donors even more.
For me never Trump has become ONLY TRUMP.  After that it will be NEVER GOP as long as the GOP functions as just a wing of the democrat uniparty with leaders like McConnell, Graham, McCain, etc.  The GOP establishment is wholly unworthy of any support, they sell out their voters and the country for their power in Washington, DC, for their country club memberships and free rides on the private jets of the giant global corporations and global mega donors.

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