Monday, February 23, 2015

What If Texas Was Not Legally Made A State Of The United States - A Texan Can Dream Can't He !!

This is very interesting from a legal theory point of view, and very interesting for Texans if the below analysis could result in the return of the, free from federal government chains, Republic of Texas.

The below legal analysis points out that when Texas and Hawaii were annexed into the USA that congress was unable to muster the required super majority vote for treaty approval as was done for all other acquisitions of territory (i.e. like the Louisiana Purchase).  So congress used a Harry Reid Obamacare type trick and merely approved the acquisition by joint resolution which doesn't require the super majority vote required for treaty approval.

The legal point being argued is that the annexation of both Texas and Hawaii into the USA was unconstitutional because according to this analysis congress and the feds are only empowered to approve acquisitions of territory by exercise of the treaty power.  Therefore, if the analysis were upheld, then Texas would not be a state of the USA and would still be the free from federal shackles Republic Of Texas !! Imagine Texas free from the idiotic federal laws and taxes solely its own country with total self-government from the state level !!

Full article at the Washington Post.

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