Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Don't Ask A Bear Into Your Home To Lightly Dust Just The Dinning Room Table

Net Neutrality Is The Reason.  FCC/Obama Regime/Federal Government Is The Bear.

Or, how leftist totalitarians seek to take over the internet, free speech, political speech, stifle innovation, increase costs, and reduce the quality and speed of your internet service.

In addition to doing all the above bad things to the internet and internet companies, the Obama minions at the FCC are about to tailor the internet industry to protect giant corporations with lots of money for litigation against competition from new small innovative companies and technologies.   Just like they did in the past for AT&T - Ma Bell monopolies over land line phone service.

I see the idiots at the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) are beginning to their great moronic surprise to understand that inviting a bear into your home to do some
light dusting of your dining room table can have disastrous consequences.

Eventually given much more time and remedial education perhaps the
idiots at techdirt will begin to awaken, but certainly not in time to keep the bear out of the house.
Here is the nub of the matter:

By choosing to regulate Internet providers as old-fashioned public utilities in order to enforce "neutrality" mandates, the commission will discourage private-sector investment and innovation for many years to come, if only as a result of the litigation that will be spawned and the uncertainty that will be created. And the new government mandates inevitably will lead to even more than the usual special interest pleading at the FCC, as Internet companies try to advantage themselves and disadvantage their competitors by seeking favored regulatory treatment.  From all indications, the FCC contemplates that the new rules will be sufficiently burdensome and costly and sufficiently ambiguous that affected parties will be invited to seek exemptions from the new mandates through "waiver" requests or other administrative

Finally, my thoughts on why a lot of computer jocks I meet seem to love liberal totalitarian/authoritative government.  

Computer techies seem to gravitate towards totalitarian and authoritative regimes perhaps because that is always their preferred method of operating a network of computers.  They just aren't smart enough to understand the problems to people (which includes businesses afterall as they are just people) of trying to rule people
like a network of machines.  This is why they are often so slow to see the problems associated with calling in the bear to keep one's house clean.

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