Thursday, October 18, 2018

Halloween Legal Questions Arise: Do The Undead Need Good Legal Representation ? - Part I

YES !!  Even The Undead Vampires Of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, And True Blood Need Wills, Trusts, and Asset Protection.

With Twilight New Moon and all the other vampire movies and TV shows like Vampire Diaries and True Blood so popular these days, now at Halloween questions naturally arise:

Do vampires need to do estate planning (assuming they are undead in the USA)??

One could argue no they don't need estate planning because they are already dead or almost can't be killed.  There is, however, the possibility of running into a stake through the heart or having their head chopped off or getting trapped out in the sunshine.

So I say the better view is that yes even vampires need to have a good estate plan complete with wills and various types of trusts and all the other goodies.  OK maybe they don't need an Advanced Health Care Directive - Medical Power Of Attorney, but they need everything else including proper life (or should it be undead) insurance to provide liquidity should they suddenly burst into flames.

Even vampires need to be able to make sure they can pass their property on to themselves (preserve a good chain of title in the deed records, etc.) for each new identity they assume over the centuries, and they need to make sure that their little undead Dracula Jr. is taken care of should they meet up with Buffy The Vampire Slayer or something.

So what are you waiting for all you non-immortal non-undead?  If even almost immortal undead vampires need a good estate plan with current wills, trusts, and life insurance, etc., obviously all the rest of us need one even more.  After all, if you don't protect yourself, the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer will be coming to suck ALL your income and assets well beyond the grave.

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