Wednesday, June 14, 2017

An Open Letter To Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein And Special Counsel Robert Mueller

The latest news of another left wing progressive attacking and murdering republicans over the hysteria created by this fake witch hunt Russia collusion story should give Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller pause.

The left wing news media and the democrats will continue to agitate for civil war for as long as Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are allowed to continue this farce witch hunt investigation.  Trump supporters will not likely sit idly by forever while these violent attacks continue, and when/if the Trump supporters begin to defend themselves and their constitutionally elected President a modern civil war could erupt.

I hope Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller will understand that this phony Russia witch hunt may well become this century's Dread Scott decision.  How this phony Russia witch hunt is handled and resolved could either quell or provoke this Century's civil war.  Just as the Dread Scott decision lead directly to our 19th century civil war.

For the sake of the Union, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller need to understand that no trumped up process crime prosecutions (obstruction, etc.) are likely to be tolerated by a substantial portion of the public.  The only way to end this matter peacefully is to quickly bring any actual charges of actual non-process crimes out into the open (if there are any) and otherwise wrap up this phony witch hunt investigation within the next 60 days.  If they don't, the media and the democrats will continue to agitate for civil war, and Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller will not be able to escape moral responsibility for contributing to the resulting carnage.

I urge Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller to think of the country, and not have such a narrowly blind focus to the world around them that they make today decisions that will live in infamy.  Their handling of these matters should be guided accordingly.  Taking too long risks the media and the democrats igniting a new civil war.  Making the wrong decisions and a failure to exercise prosecutorial discretion for the good of the country also risks igniting a new civil war.

Supporters of our constitutionally elected President are watching and for now waiting for the system to put an end to these phony witch hunts.  I'm begging them both to act accordingly for the good of the country.

I doubt the Supreme Court thought their plain property law decision in Dread Scott that followed logical prior precedents in the law of property would lead to the civil war of the 19th century and the deaths of 500,000 citizens.  Yet that is exactly what happened.  The court's blind excuses and failure to act for the preservation of the union should not be repeated by Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D.

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