Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton And Journalism Then And Now

There were reports yesterday that Journalists were escorted by police who happened to be in riot gear from the last Trump rally to their vehicles.  The journalists were afraid the ordinary average peaceful citizens that attend Trump rallies might be so incensed at the massive smear campaign being conducted by them against Trump that violence against them might erupt.

This got me thinking......

In the first half of the twentieth century and before, journalists weren't part of the establishment.  They weren't the friends and buddies of the rich and powerful.  They were journalists.  Now journalists are more interested in having cocktails and dinner with their rich and powerful friends than being real journalists.  So much so that for decades now the mainstream media have functioned as a campaign arm of the democrat party and for the Clintons in particular.

Today fearing that someone like Trump will destroy the nice cushy order that the establishment politicians and their media accomplices enjoy they are conducting an unprecedented complete and total 24 hour per day smear campaign of lies against Donald Trump.  Naturally this makes the rich and powerful members of the establishment happy, but tends to greatly upset a majority of the "regular joe" men and women who support Trump.

So that brings us to the other day and the need for riot police provided by the rich and powerful political establishment to protect these so called journalists from "the people".

Before, Journalists needed the people to protect them from the rich and powerful.  Now, these faux journalists need the rich and powerful to protect them from the people.

Dear Journalists:  If you need the rich and powerful to protect you from the people, then you aren't doing it right.

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