Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When The Government Is Incompetent, Won't Enforce Our Borders, And Seeks To Bring Groups Containing Terrorists Into Every State: The PEOPLE NEED ASSAULT RIFLES EVEN MORE !!!!

Obama And Clinton Want To Forcibly Disarm The Law Abiding And Abolish The Second Amendment So Only The Terrorists Can Have Assault Rifles.

The mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub that claimed 50 lives has once again revived the question of how the authorities could have missed warning signs from a perpetrator.

The FBI first became aware of Omar Mateen in 2013 when he made comments to coworkers "alleging possible terrorist ties." The feds interviewed Mateen three times in connection with his remarks -- which may have assumed more than casual importance in light of his employment by a security company that guards government buildings, and Mateen's ambitions to become a police officer.

Mateen was later removed from a terror watchlist after it was determined that he had broken no laws. The rest is history.
It joins abundant precedent. The father of the so-called underwear bomber warned by U.S. authorities of his son's intentions to attack America, but they fell through the cracks.

NOTE: Mateen was also allowed to work for Department Of Homeland Security and just two months ago Disney in Florida reported both Mateen and his wife to the FBI because Disney believed they were casing Disney locations for a possible terror attack.  Which as we now know they were in fact doing exactly that.  Still Obama/Clinton Justice Department and FBI they control DID NOTHING !!!

The Russian government warned U.S. authorities the Boston Marathon bombers were radical Islamists more than a year and a half before they killed many and maimed more. As with Mateen, the feds found that no laws were violated. The brothers were sent on their way until they reappeared with a blast.

The Pentagon failed to recognize numerous signs that Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan was up to no good and communicating with terrorists.

The extensive arsenal, recent Middle East travel, and correspondence with Islamist extremists of Syed Rizwan Farook did nothing to alarm the FBI before he and his wife massacred 14 people at a Christmas party in San Bernardino.

The Obama/Clinton/Democrat politicians are completely incompetent.  They are actively importing groups likely containing terrorists into every state in the union, and now the solution they put forth for their own gross negligence and incompetence is to take away the self-defense rights of the law abiding in this country.  They want to the leave the public helpless to the terrorists they allow to run amok among us.  If the federal government wants to do something to protect us, then they should END GUN FREE ZONES.  Pulse was a gun free zone.  So only the terrorist had a gun.  The entire city of Paris, France is a gun free zone.  So only the terrorists had guns.

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By Richard Fernandez June 13, 2016

Donald Trump will appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will uphold the second amendment.  Hillary Clinton and the democrats will appoint judges who will destroy the second amendment and keep us dumb, under attack, defenseless, and dependent on their incompetent leadership.  

#Trump2016 Is The Only Sane Choice 

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