Friday, October 2, 2015

Oregon Victims And Their Families Should Sue.......THE COLLEGE !!

Most everyone is now aware of the tragic mass murder that took place in Oregon yesterday.

We now know that the murderer was either an atheist or under Muslim influence or both.  We know he hated Christians and wanted to go to hell (literally). 

We know he singled out Christians for execution.

We know the school at which the attack took place was a “Gun Free Zone” (a better name for which would be a “Zone Where Only Criminals Have Guns”).

We also know that the murderer purchased all his guns legally and PASSED THE BACKGROUND CHECKS. 
The same background checks that many if not most of these mass murderers pass to get their guns.  The same background checks that Democrats say if they are somehow imposed on even more people then somehow that will stop these events.
What will stop or deter these kinds of killings then??

The answer is simple.  END THESE GUN FREE ZONES by suing the schools and businesses that insist upon having them.

Gun Free Zones create an unreasonable risk of harm to those who by circumstance must be present in one.  They are akin to a deadly attractive nuisance for which the law allows those hurt by such attractive nuisance to sue the property owner for actual and punitive damages.

By declaring a certain area a Gun Free Zone the owner (or person in control of the property) informs the public and thereby the criminal element and mentally ill members of the public that the Gun Free Zone is a location where mass murder could be committed without fear of facing armed resistance by one or more persons with a legal concealed carry permit.  This unreasonably increases the risk of harm to those venturing onto the property of a Gun Free Zone, and the property owner should therefore be liable for the damages visited upon anyone entering onto the Gun Free Zone.

The right to sue the property owner of a Gun Free Zone is even more important in situations where as in the Oregon killings, the school created a Gun Free Zone thereby substantially increasing the risk of criminal attack and death to the students and, at the same time, wholly failed to take any action whatsoever to ameliorate the heightened risk of death or serious bodily injury they the property owner had created.  In particular they failed to employ sufficient numbers of well trained armed security guards, as would be necessary to substitute for those students and staff with concealed carry permits who would otherwise be present and armed.

As a result of the community college’s negligence by the creation of this attractive nuisance known as a Gun Free Zone, the proper party to hold accountable, besides the gunman himself, is the Community College.  The college should be sued by every victim and each victim’s family.  The Trustees and administrators that created this unreasonable risk of harm with their Gun Free Zone should also be sued personally. 

A couple lawsuits for many of millions of dollars against these property owners and school administrators for the creation of such heightened risks of harm to their customers and invitees will quickly make these Gun Free Zones go away as a result.

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