Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jorge Ramos Gets Trumped (By Jeffrey Lord @ American Spectator)

An Iowa press conference highlights the left’s race card-playing agenda.
By 8.27.15

Full Article Here.

"Ramos was not acting in the role of a journalist at the press conference, he was acting as the left-wing activist he in fact is on this issue. Refusing to follow the basic press conference etiquette that every other reporter in the room was following, fulfilling every stereotype of the smarty-pants rude media type that millions of Americans have come to loathe. Trump responded in way that reminded of that famous moment in the 1980 GOP New Hampshire debate where a similarly disdainful journalist demanded that Ronald Reagan’s microphone be shut off. Reagan instantly half rose from his seat and grabbed the mic, saying sharply, “I paid for this microphone, Mr. Green!” The moment electrified his supporters, Reagan won the primary, the nomination, and eventually the election.

Has Jorge Ramos just won the Republican nomination for Donald Trump? We will see. But certainly Trump’s firm handling of this situation was a serious plus for his campaign. A campaign that is already swimming in favorable polls and large crowds.


The hard reality is that a political party and a political movement — the Democrats and the Left that were built on the power of out and out racism — are fully intending to keep Americans divided by race. Forever.

And Jorge Ramos — as his hateful message of glorifying ethnicity and race over the colorblind ideals of freedom and liberty illustrates all too well — intends to help them.

The good news illustrated in that Iowa press conference? Donald Trump — the son and grandson of immigrants who is also married to an immigrant — won’t stand for any of this disgraceful business.

Good for him."

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