Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It Isn't Paranoia If They Really Are Coming For You And Your Money

Today from the Telegraph: Forcing everyone to spend only by electronic means from an account held at a government-run bank would give the authorities far better tools to deal with recessions and economic booms, writes Jim Leaviss

Gee what a wonderful idea.  No cash.  No buying or selling with anonymity and privacy.  You get the wonderful double benefit of: (i) having the government control what, whom, and why persons can buy and sell using their one and only government issued debit card, and (ii) the government already has your money in their possession so makes it ever so much easier to confiscate at will.

Think this is far fetched?  Denmark is already working on such a law.  It is being proposed by the left wing liberals/progressives all over Europe, and no doubt will some day cross the Atlantic as an idea for the USA (because these liberal/progressive fantasies always make the crossing eventually).

They will try to sell it as a means to get out of the next liberal/progressive recession, as a means to "fairness", to end world hunger, and to allow dogs and cats to live together in perfect harmony.

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